For Custom Slipcovers

Step 1: Find out how many yards of fabric you will need.

Yardage quotes can be done over the phone, through text or via email with a little bit of information from you or if you are located in my area I can stop in and give you a quote. I have also found that most fabric stores are helpful in this area.

Step 2: Pick out and purchase your fabric.

This really is the hardest part of making a custom slipcover. This is something that you will be looking at everyday and you want to make sure that you love the fabric and that it is functional enough to fit your lifestyle.

Step 3: Make an appointment for the pinning.

Contact me to set up an appointment. I come to you so that you are never without your furniture. I make the pattern with the actual fabric and this process takes about an hour per piece of furniture. Less for ottomans, cushions etc. and since you will be there you can design it any way that you want it and you also get an image of how the finished piece will look.

Step 4: Completing the project.

I take the pattern and fabric back to my workroom, complete it and call you to set up the delivery appointment with you.

Step 5: Deliver and install.

I deliver and install the finished slipcover for you showing you how to put it on. You love it, pay me and then tell all of your family and friends that they should do theirs and you give them my number or direct them to my website. (This is my favorite part)

It's that easy.

For all of the other projects like cushions, pillows, window seats etc. that don't need to be pinned you can send me the fabric and measurements along with any special instructions.