An easy and inexpensive way to change your furniture.

The slipcovers of today are much different than the ones of the past. I can create slipcovers that look just like upholstery or if you prefer the messy look or Shabby Chic style I can create that too. These covers are not like the ones that you would buy in stores. This is a quick and easy way to change the whole look of your furniture. The process is easy and you can design them however you choose, the possibilities are endless.

Why Slipcover?

There are different reasons why people choose slip-covering.

On average the cost is less than re-upholstering. Slipcovers are practical and can be easily taken off and washed or dry cleaned and they protect the furniture from spills, children, pets and everyday wear and tear. Some people like to change the look of their rooms with the season having one set of covers for summer and one for winter or change the covers for a holiday theme such as Christmas.

I come to you for the on-site pinning so you are never without your furniture while the covers are being made and you are not limited to the fabric or trims that you want to use allowing you to be very creative and expressive to reflect your own personal style.